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Land Records & Research

Research Tools for Land Records

The Town of Royalton has a selection of records available online Royalton Land Records Portal/
On-line document availability beginning on dates listed below to the current date on day log:

Land Records & PTTR’s begin in Book 107 on 2/19/2014
Maps begin in Book MP5 on 3/25/2014
Highway Records begin in Book H on 11/15/1924
Liens & Attachments begin in Book 5 on 6/3/2013
Cemetery Records and Town Records begin 7/4/2019

Card Indexes continue to be available from 1886 to 7/4/2019 in-house.  

Completed Land Record Indexes  go back to 4/13/1988

Current Land Records Index Book 130 is now being scanned. See day log for entries. 

A selection of land record indices and the clerk's day log are available in the Document Center. To obtain records not available through the online portal, you may visit the vault during the clerk's regular office hours or by special appointment. 

Record Fees
Document recording fees       $15/page
PTTR (Property transfer tax return)       $15/document
Survey plat recording fees      $25/sheet
Certified copy of records     $10/page
Examination of records (vault time)        $4/hour
* Documents include all items recorded in the land records (deeds, mortgages, assignments, liens, releases, permits)* Multiple assignments or releases included on one document are charged $15/assignment or release.