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Board of Civil Authority

The Board of Civil Authority is made up of the Justices of the Peace, the Town Clerk, and the Selectboard in accordance with 24 V.S.A. § 801

BCA Meeting & Agenda 

The Board of Civil Authority has charge of the conduct of elections in accordance with 17 V.S.A. § 2451.

In addition to their oversight of elections, the Board of Civil Authority makes up a part of the Board of Abatement

Justices of the Peace:
Terms Expire Feb 1, 2025
Peggy Ainsworth 802-763-8017     Allison N. Fulcher 802-763-8500
Geo Honigford      802-359-3027      Bruce V. Post          802-763-8466    
Sandy Conrad        802-565-0401      Kate George           802-282-2962
Joan Hoffman        802-282-3991      Suzanne Long         802-763-7981
Gidget Lyman         802-356-8087     Joshua "Bushrod" Powers 802-763-8087

Complete Board of Civil Authority Members:

Town & BCA Clerk: Karmen Bascom

Selectboard Members: Timothy Murphy, Stuart Levasseur, John Dumville, Patrick Dakin, Rosella (Nell) Gwin

Justices of the Peace: Allison Fulcher (Chair), Peggy Ainsworth, Geo Honigford, Bruce V. Post, Sandy Conrad, Kate George (Vice-Chair), Joan Hoffman, Suzanne Long, Gidget Lyman, Joshua "Bushrod" Powers

For BCA meeting minutes visit the Document Center