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Board of Abatement

Vermont State Law provides for a Board of Abatement that is comprised of the Board of Civil Authority with the Listers and the Town Treasurer. This board may act to abate taxes in accordance with 24 V.S.A. § 1535

Anyone wishing to request an abatement should complete an abatement request form and submit it with all applicable documentation supporting the reason for the request to the Town Clerk. 

Feel free to contact any of our Board of Abatement members with questions:
Chair: Allison N. Fulcher
Vice-Chair: David Barker
Clerk: Karmen M. Bascom
Members: Peggy Ainsworth, Matthew Angell, William Ballou, Jeffrey Barcelow, Jerry Barcelow,  Hoyt Bingham, Samantha Bruce, Kate Caldwell, John P. Dumville, Kathy Hassey, Walter Hastings, Geo Honigford, Rita Hull, Timothy Murphy, Christopher “Chris” Noble, Bruce V. Post and Joshua “Bushrod” Powers.

To obtain an abatement request form or review meeting minutes visit the Document Center