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Royalton Highway Department

July 2023 Storm Damage Repairs - 

Requests For Proposal:

Closed Bids:
Carpenter Field Restoration
Group A bid doc
Group B bid doc
Group C Bid Doc
Group D bid doc
group g bid doc
Group J bid doc
Group E bid doc
Group H bid doc
Group I Bid doc
Group F bid doc

Gee Hill Road Group K  - Repair to washed out road & add alternate stream work - Bid Tabulation

Broad Brook Slide: Published 8/11/2023 Due 9/8/2023 - AWARDED 9/12/2023 - Dubois & King INC - proposed schedule & additional details will become available when the contract has been signed. 
Broad Brook Slide Scope of Work
Broad Brook Slide Status Update - 11/3/2023

Drilling company scheduled for October 17th to begin soil sampling. Preliminary designs estimated to be received in early November. 

Written Bid Summary Groups D, E, F, H, I

Road Group D (Frary Rd, Oxbow Rd, Harlow Rd) - Bid Tabulation Group D
Road Group E (Busy Hill Rd, Brown Rd, Hibbard Hill Rd) Bid Tabulation Group E
Road Group F (Russ Hill Rd, English Rd, Post Farm Rd) - Bid Tabulation Group F
Road Group H (Cleveland Brook Rd, Gilman Rd, Putt Rd, Rousseau Rd) - Bid Tabulation Group H
Road Group  I (Royalton Hill Rd, Sewall Brook Rd, Waldo Ln)  - Bid Tabulation Group I

Written Bid Summary Groups A , B , C , G , J

Road Group A (Back River Rd, Rix Rd, Broad Brook Rd) -  BID TABULATION ROAD GROUP A
Group A Contract Awarded to L&M Service Contractors

Road Group B (Mill Rd, Otto Merrill Rd, Bridge St, Happy Hollow Rd)  BID TABULATION ROAD GROUP B- Group B Contract Awarded to L&M Service Contractors

Road Group C (Johnson Hill Rd) - BID TABULATION ROAD GROUP C
Group C Contract awarded to North Road Excavation - Work Begins Monday 9/25

Group G Contract awarded to L&M Service Contractors - Work Begins Wednesday 9/27

Group J Contract awarded to Green Mountain Mowing - Work Begins October 2nd

Royalton Road Crew Tasks:

Beck's Rd, Davis Rd, McCullough's Run, Slack Rd, Waterman Rd, Whitney Rd, Gage Rd

The Royalton road crew is made up of the road foreman and three full time staff members alongside seasonal part time help. To report a road issue, call the town garage at 802-763-7667.

The Royalton Town Garage
4021 VT RT 14
Royalton, VT 05068

Royalton Highway Department Staff

  • Royalton Highway Department -Foreman: Demi Boles