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Green Up Day

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Welcome to the signup for Royalton Green-Up Day 2023.

Sign up sheet at

Consult the map below and claim a road or a section of road on the signup page. You can volunteer for Saturday May 6th or any day prior to that day to clean up roadside litter.

Green bags will be available at the Town Office in Royalton, Royalton Memorial Library, South Royalton Market (Co-op) . and Chase Center at VLS   Full bags can be left on the side of the road where you cleaned up.  If you can, please stack bags at intersections so that they are easier to find.

If you can't green-up on Saturday you can start early, just bring your green bags to the Town Offices on Saturday.

Use caution if you find broken glass or hypodermic needles.  Wear gloves! Or mark these locations on your map and we will send someone to clean up those spots.

Please have bags ready for pickup between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM on Saturday May 6th. Large items such as tire or metal do not need to be bagged. There will be dump trucks at the town offices for metal, tires & bagged trash. Feel free to sign up for more than one road if you can!

Keep track of how many people helped, how many bags and how many tires you brought in. We will have a check-in station at the Town Offices on Saturday.  After you green-up stop in to the check-in station for snacks and refreshments.

Not all streets have a signup slot, feel free to green-up near you home or anywhere that needs it. Bring a green bag with you when you go for a walk.

Contact me via email  if you have a pickup truck and want to drive a loop to pick up bags on Saturday afternoon.
Email any other questions to: 

 ----Pizza Party----
Stop by the Town Offices at noon on Saturday May 6th for a Pizza Party for all the volunteers.  Thanks to  Royalton Village Pizza, 802 Pizza, South Royalton Market, and RB Deli for their generous support.   
We will also do a photo shoot at noon so let's get a group picture to share.

Grid Map