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ATV Ordinance Committee

The ATV Ordinance Committee was formed by the Royalton Selectboard and given the following charge:

The objective of the ATV ordinance committee is to draft an ordinance following the VLCT ATV ordinance template. The committee should focus on developing a compromise regarding which roads will be opened for use, hours of operation, speed limits, and seasonality. The committee will need to abide by open meeting laws and will need to designate a chair. The Selectboard encourages the committee to invite the Conservation Commission and the Planning Commission to participate in at least one discussion. The draft ordinance should be delivered to the Selectboard by June 30, 2022. The board will consider and adopt an ATV ordinance in July, regardless of whether the committee has delivered a draft ordinance.

The ATV Ordinance committee completed their assignment and delivered a draft ordinance to the Selectboard by June 30, 2022. The Royalton Selectboard thanks the committee members for their time. 

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